Raquel de Queiroz

Consciousness and contemporaneity define the style of Raquel's artistic jewels, inspired not only by the exuberance and creativity of Brazil, but also in the studies of contemporary jewels from countries such as Germany, Spain and Italy. In her creative process, Raquel always thinks about the material first before starting, studying the possibilities of use and application. In addition, she goes through a long research process, looking for references in museums and jewelery books that she collects in different languages. The combinations made with materials from the rich Brazilian flora and precious metals are part of the pieces produced by Raquel in his collections. The mix of unusual materials and conscious creativity can be seen in rings, cufflinks, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings for silk scarves. In addition to this mix, Raquel also creates traditional pieces using only metals and precious stones.

Silver, Black Rhodium, 18k Gold trim
and semi-cut Seawater

Silver, White Rhodium 18k Gold Detail and Onyx

Silver, Black Rhodium and Rose Quartz

Silver, White Rhodium and Onyx

Silver, White Rhodium and Raw Azurite

Silver, White Rhodium and Black Rutile Quartz

Silver, Black Rhodium and Golden Rutile Quartz

Silver, White Rhodium, Galuchat (Stingray Leather), 18k Gold and Grenade

Rusty Silver and Moonstone

Silver, White Rhodium and Aquamarine

Silver, Black Rhodium and Green Tourmaline

Male Ring 950 Silver and Emerald

Female ring 950 Silver, 

18k Gold and Tiger's eye

Female wedding ring 

950 Silver and Ostrich Leather

Female ring 18k Gold, 18k White Gold, 

Emerald and Diamonds

Female ring 18k White Gold, 

Aquamarine and Diamonds

Female ring 950 Silver and Emerald

Ring 18k Rose Gold, 

Green Tourmaline and Diamonds

Male wedding ring 950 Silver and 

Arraia/Galuchat Leather

950 Silver Pink Turmaline Female Ring

950 Silver Ostrich Leather Female Ring

Female Ring 18k Gold White Diamonds and London Topaz

Female Ring 18k Gold White Diamonds and Swiss Topaz

Female Ring 18k White Gold and Rose Quartz

Silver, Black Rhodium and Rose Quartz

Silver, White Rhodium and Chrysopazium; and Black Rhodium and Chrysopazium

Silver, Black Rhodium, Rose Quartz and Pink Tourmaline

Silver, White Rhodium and Red Tiger Eye

Earing 18K Gold and Onyx

Earing 18k Gold and Malachite

Square Earing 18k Gold with diamonds

Necklace with Diamond and Lodon Topaz

Female necklace 950 Silver and Rose Quartz

Female necklace pendant 950 Silver, 

18k Gold, Smoked Crystal and Diamonds

Male Bracelet Onyx Stone 950 Silver and Leather

Male Bracelet Onyx Stone 950 Silver and Leather

Silver, Black Rhodium, Two Rose Quartz,
Chain and Clasp

Silver, White Rhodium and Hawk Eye

Silver, White Rhodium and Hawk Eye

Silver, White and Black Rhodium, Rose Quartz, Black Quartz and Emerald Root

Silver, White Rhodium and Sky Topaz

Silver, Black Rhodium and Garnet
and Peridot Stones

Female necklace 950 Silver, 

18k Rose Gold and Rose Quartz

Male Necklace 950 Silver Emerald and Black Rhodium

Male Necklace 950 Silver and Onyx

Stone Necklace 18k Gold and Black Agate

Amethyst Cacoxenite Stone Necklace 950 Silver

18k Gold Necklace Diamonds and Rutile Stone

Silver and White Rhodium

Black Rhodium Silver and Green Tourmaline

Cufflinks 950 Silver 18k Gold and Onyx

Ear Cuff with pearls

18k gold, Volcano Rock (Basalt) and Diamond

Silver, White Rhodium and Galuchat (Stingray Leather)